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Support Pro-Law Enforcement Candidates!

Help Oregon's largest law enforcement organization as we back elected officials and candidates who ensure that our first responders can do our job in a safe and effective manner.

HOW Your Contribution Counts:

Supports pro law enforcement candidates for State Legislative seats and statewide offices.

Allows us to push back against anti law enforcement ballot measures. 

Supports the re-election of pro law enforcement elected officials.

Conduct outreach to voters about the importance of law enforcement officers.

About the PAC

Law Enforcement for Responsible Public Safety PAC is the official political action committee of the Oregon Coalition of Police and Sheriffs (ORCOPS), representing line officers and deputies as Oregon's largest law enforcement organization.

Law enforcement professionals should not have to worry that policing and public safety priorities are fairly represented in government while they are busy with the ongoing, good work to keep our communities safe. We take care of advocacy while our members take care of Oregon!  

We are a nonpartisan organization, and make contribution decisions independent of consideration of party affiliation.  We back candidates that support common-sense public safety policies, equal treatment for everyone including law enforcement officers, and holding criminals and bad actors (whether a politician, legislator, or police officer) accountable for their actions.  The safety of law enforcement professionals is our priority.

ORCOPS website

Committee Filings (Oregon Secretary of State's Office)

Press release on 2020 Endorsements

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